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We are currently undergoing a server refresh, including a new map, a new spawn, and more efficient functionality. SwordCraft remains on 1.6.1, but continued development of that map and server has been halted.


Welcome to SwordCraft, a 24/7 Minecraft server based upon PvP and Factions. For strategists, SwordCraft provides a solid medium for you to find the best way to protect your treasure and raid for more. Business-oriented individuals may find peace store-keeping and getting profits for their Factions. Perhaps you may wish to simply survive out in the wild, constantly moving to get away from powerhouse Factions.

At the heart, players fight for the ability to reign above all and become an economic leader within the world of SwordCraft.

Trust is gained and lost. You never know who is really behind that screen-name and if they do indeed have macabre motives.

Latest News

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Now on 1.4.6
Happy Holidays, SwordCraft members! We are proud to announce that we have now updated to 1.4.6....


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